Wednesday, August 18

Obilgatory Introduction Post

Seems like all blogs tend to start off like this. And they also seem to do the, "I don't know what to say so yada yada yada...." kind of deal. So I will try to avoid that. I am not too sure where I will be taking direction in this but I am hoping for something fun and eventually well established. I'm a Capricorn, but sadly the very OPPOSITE of what the traditional Capricorn tends to be like. No awesome organization for you readers, if there ever is one to read this. My favourite colour is red and many variants of it. So that is a huge YES on pink and orange. Some goals I have in life include loosing weight, getting my apartment settled (I have lived here for a year already!), starting an online web store to sell my handmade items, and having fun doing all this! So wish me luck!