Friday, June 14

Done Dirt Cheap!

Mr. Blog!!! photo 231_zps345df61d.gif
I was unaware that JoAnn Fabrics was having a sale today until my friend informed me. It's the little things that excite me, Mr. Blog. And I was thrilled for sure. Not wanting to miss some great deals while simultaneously curbing my ridiculous impulse to hoard craft supplies, I made myself a modest budget of $50. This is my haul...

Pay no attention to my cluttered table top above, the fabrics and patterns are where your eyes should direct themselves...

A small bend of the rules led my total to just shy of $55, more like guidelines anyways. But here is the kicker. Guess how much I saved. Nope. More. Guess again. That's not a real number, Mr. Blog... 
$200.60 when it was all done and over with. Holy savings, Batman!!! 

Gotta do a cake in the morning, so off to bed~ XOXO

Sunday, June 9

Random Closet Post

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

New Layout PLUS Outfit Post

Mr. Blog!!! photo 008_zps6666874a.gif
I started changing up some of the things on you tonight, hope you enjoy the refresher. I wanted to do something gothy and cool but I ended up colouring a hot rainbow mess. photo 983_zps8bda7633.gif

Life is swell for the most part. I am crafting my little heart out and have been reading up on selling things online casually since I cannot commit to something full time. Do you think people would by my items? I sell lots of things around town and to friends/acquaintances but I have never pilfered my goods to the internet... We shall see!  I am also plotting my "yearly pilgrimage to the Mother Land", as I recently have dubbed it. Family in Mississippi are to be seen so the trek across America will take place soon as I can get everything planned out and some spare cash gathered accordingly. It is hot as hot can be in the summer there, but that is the best time to go since the kids are out of school and all. No summer school for the oldest this year! YES! But we are still tutoring him here at home.

Things I plan to make soon:
 photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif Devil Horn Hairclips  photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif
 photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif Vertical B&W Striped Tights  photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif
 photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif Pink & Black Salopette  photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif
 photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif Super UGLY Christmas Sweater for The Captain  photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif
Hopefully I can manage all of them and they will turn out well.

On to the outfit for today~ photo 20101105_1142381_zps64055a24.gif

Ugh, ignore the laundry behind me.
I have a thing about ironing things before I will hang them in the closet...

Shirt: Torrid
Skirt: Thrifted, tag says Old Navy
Tights: Dollar General
Leg Warmers: Forever21
Boots: Deb's
Belt: Walmart
Necklace and Bracelet: Forever21

Oh noes! I have pores! And a nicely placed chicken pox scar to boot.
Children, do not scratch your face!
I am wearing my new contacts from PinkyParadise (LolliPop Violet) here as well. I ♥ them!

I went out with friends to eat in the Old Market today. It was raining buckets but it didn't deter our get together one bit. I recieved many compliments about my outfit and especially my hair. I watching Violet LeBeaux's Rock-A-Billy hair tutorial and found inspiration in it. I am unsure whether I like this belt in the mix or not...

Thursday, June 6

Massive Pile of Frilly

Hey there, Mr. Blog!
This is what I have been up to~ photo 003_zpscd3cbbff.gif
(Psst... my sewing machine is working again, if you haven't noticed!)

Sorry I cannot stay with you long, it's three in the morning and I need to go to bed otherwise Captain will be grumpy that I slept all day long!

P.S. I'm working on a new layout for you with some things I sketched myself. Be warned!  photo 174_zps4478b896.gif