Saturday, September 10


So I got my neato Nintendo card in the mail today. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I played that dragon shooter game with it as well. THE DRAGON WAS HUUUUGE! Just a little note to say HI, my dear blog. I said I would update you the other day but I am a liar. We both know this, don't be so disappointed. Also had my computer fixed finally today. It died the day after my last blog post. All is well. Time to nap before I start the long work week. Meh. Ignore my messy house. I R Bum.

Saturday, September 3

Slowly Dying...

I rob most of my decoration pictures from Tumblr, I never know the original artist. So sad, I would love to follow the creator of this on dA. ♥
...well, Mr. Blog, that MAY be a bit dramatic. I'm just really sick. But I just seem to not be able to kick this cold  for the past 3 weeks off and on. My tonsils are so swollen and gross looking. They even are touching my uvula! I will spare you the icky details though. Let's just say I have not been this sick in a very long time. Sorry for ignoring you but I just have been loafing around on the big yellow chair and trying to drink hot tea. I have been crocheting more! And when I have made a full recovery I'll share with you all the cute things I made. Go to the doctor this morning, wish me luck!