Thursday, April 4

April Showers Bring...Wait, Why is it Snowing???

Jeepers, Mr. Blog! The new year ain't that new anymore, is it? Mine has been rather eventful for sure. First and foremost, I upgraded to the new Kindle it is actually compatible with Blogger! So at this very moment you and I are testing how well I can mobile blog. Wish me luck!  photo 114_zps8254b327.gif

This year had been a big pick up in my side-job as an independent baker/cake decorator. I loved doing cakes when I worked at my last job, but the cooperation I worked for treats their employees like poop and I could not tolerate them any longer. So now I do it out of my house! Here is a few cakes I did recently.

In all fairness, the last one is just my kids' birthday cake. I couldn't be bothered with a fancy cartoon design on it since we planned a huge two child Chuck-E-Cheese shindig. I was tired when it was all over with!

I've still been crafting my little heart out And working hard at sharing items I make with everyone. Right now I an working on a hat request and a plush cephalopod. And  apparently Cthulu hats are popular among my friends since I have made three so far.

Even though the weather cannot make up it's mind between snow our spring, I have started back up the great excessive exercise regime once more. Wooohooo... But seriously, I've done so well this far And I'm trying very hard to get to my goal! Back to more things to be crocheted. Watching Naruto Shippuden, I'm super late to the party  and my favourite character just got killed. 

*sniff sniff* I totally have something in my eye...