Monday, July 21

It's All Good

Hello hello, Mr. Blog~
I've been receiving many messages for a while now about something I feel a tad conflicted about. I was posted to an ita thread a while back and many people who care for me have stirred up a budding nest of anger about it all. While I have had mixed emotions about the whole spiel I have pretty much told them all to just live and let live.

Personally, I was sad and had that knee jerk reaction that I'm sure many people have when they see pictures making fun of them online. It lasted a good five minutes accompanied by teary eyes and all. But it's okay, really. These things happen. The internet is not a place of rainbows and sunshine and I know this. Everyone has their opinions on others and what people say won't bring me any harm. I love everyone out there that was up in arms but in reality I'm alright with being posted there.

I'm new to all of this. Not so much following Lolita fashion, but participating. And I'm unsure if it is how everyone experienced it but wearing and staring at photos is entirely two different things, in my opinion. I'm going to make mistakes. Couple looking like a hot mess with me being fat and I'm sure there will be many laughs had by all. But I'm working hard at improving and I am taking everything said into consideration. If someone cannot take criticism then how will they get better?

And I have been working hard on the fat part as well. I know I'm so wishy washy with weight loss on here but I've actually lost more that forty pounds since January and I am so happy with myself. I cried when my friend Kat let me try on some clothes and they fit. I was so very happy since I cannot seem to see the change in myself. I always look fat, so that's all I see. And I'm still fat, unfortunately, but I'm working very hard on it. I'm not a Lolita yet, Mr. Blog. 

But someday I would like to be~ <3

So I hope my friends can not be so upset when they see me being made fun of online. I truly don't mind. Harsh criticism is how I'll get better. And I want to very much so! The things take time I suppose. I don't even care if I become a well known Lolita. I'm good with just blending in with the sea of frills.

And my ita-y self in all its glory. Wish me luck with the next try.