Sunday, May 25

Hugh Jackman's Butt

Becuase I got to see the new X-Men movie tonight, I can now die saying I got to see that glorious bum in 3D. Which will probably be as close as I will ever get. Hur hur hur. I never remember to take cute photos of my outfits, I am trying to do better with this. photo 257_zps45ae936e.gif

And a few other photos from my phone that I felt warranted some attention~

Creeper Birthday cake, the sticks were to keep the lid from crushing e3verything but I am super happy they were there too keep Creeper from falling over during transport!

My newest ugly Goodwill find. It was only $1. And it's totally me.

Sneaking photos of Captain while he ain't looking during his workout. Hee hee~ photo 186_zpsbbab85f5.gif

And a necklace I want from the New Age store down the street from my house. It has garnets! photo 231_zps345df61d.gif