Saturday, September 28

4am Ramblings of a Sentimental Heart

Hello, Mr. Blog! 

My summer break was a blast! I spent a ton of time with family and loved ones, plus the kids had a good time playing with cousins. Got to also visit with my father And mother-in-law, which was bitter sweet since she recently passed after a long fight with cancer. 

Work keeps me busy. Also been trying to better my apartment, actually an ongoing task usually when I'm not being a bum. Time seems to slip away so quickly, it sometimes makes me sentimental to look back and reflect how much has passed already. One contemplates their life in increments, I think, and I can see how mine is passing so quickly. I don't man to sound morbid, Mr. Blog, but statistically one third of my life has already occurred. I know that one day I must cease to be, it just feels strange to expand my thoughts beyond a time frame into a world where I will no longer exist. My children will have offspring of their own and I will just be a memory that, hopefully, they will speak fondly of from time to time. My greatest desire, like all good parents, is to leave something worth while to my sons. To leave then feeling loved and satisfied in our relationship. I know I am a tiny part in this universe but I hope to leave some sort of mark. Sorry to wax so intimate.

I've also been working very hard on moving over to an electric cigarette. Which is extremely frustrating. In all honesty, I like the vaporizer I purchased. I love the taste and the lack of gross odor. I like having a variety of flavours as well. But I'm still smoking cigarettes unfortunately. I keep bouncing back and fourth between the two. And then Captain scolds me and fusses constantly, making me want to smoke more our of spite. He goes as far as ignoring me after I smoke, which never helps my temper. He's not trying to be mean, just make a point. Then we debate the differences between my smoking cigarettes verses his smoking cigars and all forms of hypocrisy, which never improves the mood. But I digress, wish me luck either way! I'll be sure to keep this goal going for myself at least. 

Last little tidbit before I finally go to sleep: I'm going to Nebraskon this year! The excitement will probably kill me but I cannot help being so anxious. The choice between cosplay and Lolita has being going back and fourth like a ping ping ball in my brain but I think EGL is going to win out since I'm so new to everything and that is my comfort zone.

Fingers crossed! Have a random photo dump of recent events~ <3

I've been bento-ing it up lately, as evident by this pile of images!

Plus, Captain had a birthday~ I made a cake with a chocolate dipped pepper for his consuming pleasure.

My friend Kat and I had a craft night together, love hanging out with her!

And finally just a silly selfie for the sake of being a goofy person...

Nighty night!