Friday, September 7

OMG It's September!

Jeez, it has been a tiny while! I missed you, Mr. Blog! But since my return from vacation about three weeks ago I have picked up every shift I can get a hold of in preparation of the holiday season. I know Christmas is still a good distance away but we have four birthdays in that month as well. Phew! So I have been toiling away endlessly at the time clock.

The weather here is slowly cooling, sometimes, occasionally, once a week-ish. Well, today was not hot. That is a slight improvement! Walking is so much nicer in this weather.

This afternoon I plan on brushing up on my French and making a Kigurumi. Seeing my father a few weeks ago made me remember how much French I have forgotten in the past years. When I was a child, I thought "beaucoup" was an actual number, like the next set up from millions. So when Daddy would end something with "boo coo" I thought he meant an actual quantity. I was such a silly kid.

Small snippets of my free time have been devoted to reading Homestuck, Watchmen comics, and Steve Perry sci-fi books. Predator is one of  my big fandoms. Like, I have figurines in my bedroom. Yeah, yeah, I am a huge dork. They are just so badass. It is great! I remember when I was a kid, watching Arnold and Predator face off like two titans in the jungle. It was mesmerizing. Action movie at it's finest!

Off to make a huge mess of my carpet by chopping up fleece EVERYWHERE!

P.S. Speaking of work, which I do not do often, I made employee of the month. I feel pretty proud about it so I figured I would slip that little tidbit in. I usually do not talk about work because I would not want to feel too comfortable about sharing what goes on there and violate any HIPAA policies or company policies. I r professhunal. But the EotM thing really perked me up since I slave away like a fool for my employer! And my clients are always a high priority to me. I even think about work at home often and that is usually a big consumer of my free time.