Friday, April 22

♥Little Things I Love♥

Snapple Green Tea 
 Rainy Days 
 Cinnamon Lip Gloss 
 Random Texts 
 Being Barefooted 
 Baby Hugs 
 New Yarn 
  Clean Laundry 

Sunday, April 17

20 Things About Me

A few of the other blogs seem to be doing this so I figured, "Why not?" It seems rather fun, and I enjoyed reading them. I am not a super exciting person but I will try to put some interesting things into it!
  •  My favourite colour is pink. <3
  •  I prefer salty over sweet foods. I am a sucker for french fries!
  •  I only have thirteen piercings.
  •  I have three tattoos; a heart and cross on my left hip, a hatchetman on my left shoulder, and a Bangle with materia slotted into it on my right forearm. I know what you are saying right now, "Ewww." I embrace my dorkiness, it's okay. I want to get two new ones behind my ears, maybe that will be the topic of a later blog post?
  •  I really hate to paint. I am a great at drawing, and painting things like pottery and such is no trouble. But just painting a picture, aside from watercolours because I LOVE THEM, I really suck at it and I dislike doing it. Maybe more practice is needed?
  •  I prefer dresses/skirts over pants.
  •  I spend WAAAAY too much time on Facebook.
  •  Places I want to travel to include: Rome, Kyoto, and Sydney.
  •  Although I am named after my mother, she wanted to name me Raven.
  •  I don't care for roses that much, but my favourite flower is the Carnation.
  •  My favourite smells are juniper and gasoline. (Not combined though, obviously.)
  • Spring is my favourite time of the year because of the rain and wind.
  • I have, sadly, never been to Disneyworld.
  • I hate eating most breakfast foods. I get a small urge occasionally to eat an egg sandwich or have a bowl of cereal, but I usually just get grossed out by it all.
  • I love it when The Captain tickles my toes.
  • I am left handed.
  • While The Captain likes to plan out things and design schedules for when we go places, I really, honestly hate doing this. I am one of those "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" kind of people. I sort of like wandering around places and finding fun, not really into brochures and itineraries.
  • I love clothing and fashion ALOT! I shop way too much.
  • I want a pet hermit crab. I have been studying up about them online for a while now. I am still scared they will bite/pinch me. But I feel that way about all pets. I am even afraid of my hamsters! And then, after I think about them biting me I worry they can smell my fear and that will increase the odds of being bit.
  • Someday I aspire to have my own webshop where I can sell the things I create. I think this plan would be brilliant because, if I do well, I can spend more time at home with my family.

    Saturday, April 16

    Spring and Changes

    Things seem to keep getting away from me. Even now, blogging this is keeping me from other tasks I should be accomplishing. Ces't la vie. I'll be having a friend over this evening to enjoy dinner with me and my family. We went shopping the other day for a dress to wear to her wedding! I am very excited about the event. I am even making the cake. I don't get to bake much anymore so this THRILLS me to no end!

    I applied for a floor change a while back at work, it finally was implemented last week. There was alot of work related drama that led up to me deciding the change was for the best, and although that drama has died down I still think the move is necessary. It may had started with the other parties being assholes, but I think it is mostly me now. They are kind to me once more, and the drama has been dead for quite some time, but I don't think I can get over all the harsh things said and done. I still get very angry. I feel very wronged. And the most saddening part is that I don't see any resolve for these hurt feelings within myself. To keep these things from dragging up again I think this repositioning of myself is for the best. I think to myself, "Well, if they would just apologize!" but really I am sure I would not accept or believe the apology. Maybe I am the one perpetuating this hate inside me, but I'll be sure to keep myself in check. My job is full of snakes and I believe the best thing for me is to keep to myself. 

    I have been cleaning out the house BIG TIME! Bags and bags of things are being removed. I never realized how much a hoard! I think it's more of a disorganized kind of thing than really being attached to these things. I hope to work on this! 

    Inuyasha is on Netflix! ♥ I have been driving The Captain crazy with a marathon of corny amine goodness. He does not approve in the least. But he is VERY happy that the new Mortal Kombat comes out next week. I'm not as excited as he is, but I am curious to see how they went with this one. The last one was not that thrilling for me and I really look forward to the new Xray moves. My favourite MK character is Sindel with her evil banshee screams. I am convinced she looks a bit like a man in the new one though. Meh.

    Gotta get the dinner going in the kitchen. And run some more laundry! I have been sketching up some things for side projects, nothing as of now to share since it's all just talk. I wish The Captain would let me get a scanner! It would help soooo much! His mom told him yesterday to buy me one and his reply was, "You buy her one." I don't think it's going to happen. Meh. Again.

    I want this shirt. <3