Monday, May 13

Floral Outfit for Mother's Day

Since it was Mother's Day yesterday there was festivities around my parts. And what says "motherly" more than some sort of huge floral print? Anymore motherly and we would need to bust out those foam hair curlers you have to sleep in. And no, we are not busting those awful things out. Ever. So on to the pictures!

Someone asked me to put where I bought these items whenever I do an "Outfit Post". I think they are going to be disappointed, Mr. Blog, as I don't really shop at any special places and I thrift very often. But I'll do my very best.

Headbows (that cannot be seen...) Forever 21 and handmade
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Walmart
Belt: Walmart
Tights: Hot Topic
Shoes: Thrifted, brand is American Eagle
Necklace and bracelet: Hot Topic
Earrings: from when we went to the museum, out of one of those gift shops. So no idea?

As you can see I don't have a very interesting list. I buy cheap alot so I can get those really nice items I want on occasion that my dear Captain freaks out over spending what he calls a "crazy amount of money" on. Like the ever so beautiful Paraiso du un Unicorn 柄 ジャンパースカート2~ Or these. Or these. Yeah, I will hush now.

A positive note for the past month? I was one of the random winners chosen from the Pinky Paradise photo contest. Yay~ So I we eligible to choose a free pair of contacts and I get some other neato prizes as well! No talent or effort was really required to be entered to win, but ain't you proud of me anyways, Mr. Blog??? Thought so.

A not so positive note for this month? Captain ordered me a birthday present about six months ago and I don't think I am going to get it. There was a mix up and I don't think I want the replacement item offered. I really do not like being a difficult customer and very rarely wish to rock the boat about things. In fact, Mr. Blog, Captain is usually the one that explodes over situations and demands refunds. I am that quiet person that will most likely still pay for my meal without one peep of a complaint even if they forgot a few things here and there. Captain will get our meal for free and still be angry afterwards! He is not mean, just believes that customer services should hold a high standard.

Captain is pretty upset about the entire situation and has all but called up PayPal to file a complaint. (Although I do not think you can after so long now...) I assured him that the people are good and have a standard to hold their reputation upon. Though she has taken forever to even message me back and forth, the communication is there. Alas, that still does not mean the suggested replacement is sufficient since it is the one colourway out of three I could just not tolerate.Hopefully I can get it in PINK! Pink makes everything better. 

No pouting though! I cannot! Today was too lovely a day for such things. My Captain and my two sons took me out to eat at a place called Genji's. It was one of those hibachi grills that cook in front of you. The littlest one was pretty terrified of the flames when they did that volcano trick. It was too cute. Captain downed an entire liter of saki. What a lush, Mr. Blog! And we also went to JoAnn Fabrics for some notions to match the AMAZING FABRIC I ORDERED ONLINE. THIS ONE!!!

I am super duper excited over the things that will be created out of all this! I hope it turns out well. I'm not the best seamstress. While I the craft store I ran into my good friend Kat and her mom. I was super happy to see her and she was as impressed with my fabric as I was. She is my only Lolita friend IRL and she is fabulous.

Thursday, May 2

Random Outfit Post of Doom

DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! Okay, Mr. Blog! So not really much DOOM going on here, except for the slight closet explosion going on in the background. But that is the normal for me. I try to keep all my pretties in submission but they tend to fly out in a flurry of all things pink and glittery~ It cannot be helped! On to the terrible photos done in awkward and MySpace sneaky flattering angles.  photo 231_zps345df61d.gif
AND MY FACE! Because I don't take enough photos of that either...
I don't wear this sweater enough, it just shows up here alot. Heh heh heh~~~

P.S. Got a snazzy new mixer. This is what happens when I am allowed to be alone when I cook~♥