Sunday, June 24

Summer is Absolutely Here

This week has been a hot one, Mr. Blog!

My weekends off have been filled with barbeques and outdoor fun. Watching lightsaber duels between grown men and sipping dessert wine always entails a good time!

I have set a few goals in the past week that are pretty important:
PhotobucketPlanning a two week trip to visit the family down in Mississippi!
PhotobucketIn 2013 start back to school for my Associates degree.
Woo, thrilled about this one. I love working full time
and going to college simultaneously. Wee~
PhotobucketI am being a good little adult
and organizing my financial papers and bills in a more
coherent and impressive system.
PhotobucketI continue to lift and run every day I can.

That last one is important because since the weather is becoming so much warmer I am becoming a bigger bum!

I leave you with a shot of some WIP crocheting on the couch. The photos for the Forrest Troll cozy are finished, just have to make it into something legible.