Sunday, March 20

Being a Stranger

Jesus!  It has been too long since I posted, but with good excuse I suppose.  I have been lazy.  Ok, so that really is not a good excuse.  Gots me a new email, and have been slowly converting all my stuff over to it.  I decided that a more adult, and SHORTER, email name was in order.  Also, everyone around here has been getting sick.  Like germs are making this last ditch for winter colds.  The Captain has had both ear and sinus infections.  And Binkers has been pooping WHITE.  Seriously.  But nothing is wrong with him that soy milk did not solve.  He can still eat dairy products, but apparently cow's milk does not digest with him.  Been busy with work.  And reading a bunch of new romance novels lately. I call them smut books, affectionately. My latest obsession is an author named Kresley Cole. She does paranormal romances. And I have read everything she has written in the Immortal After Dark series in this past week.  I have a small obsession with vampires, demons, werewolves, and the like.♥  My favourite is DEFINITELY Dreams of a Dark Warrior.  It has Beserkers in it! *nerdy freak out!*

I have lost a bit more weight as well, not as much as I have been aiming for but I am happy with the results so far. I went out shopping at the mall the other day to celebrate.  I have a pretty acquisitive nature, and I love clothes, so I was very happy with the results. I have been too lazy to post them to Poupee Girl so far, I need to get my butt motivated.  Still redecorating the house, slowly but surely I should get done.  You would be suprised how happy a new vacuum cleaner made me! The carpet is like something new.

I also have been playing Pokemon Black off and on, more so off than the other since I have been reading so much. But I really enjoy it! I don't ever have many friends when I play, so if anyone out there wants to add me:
PAL PAD CODE: 4040 5347 8415

I was as shocked as everyone else to hear about Japan but I was happy to hear both of my friends over there are healthy and safe from harm! The closest thing I have ever had to endure was Hurricane Katrina. And I still remember alot of the destruction leftover from that incident. Luckily my personal damages were able to be fixed with FEMA funds, so I try to remember to give when I see these things happen.

Sorry I have been neglecting you, Blog. I will post more exciting things this week. Cross my heart.