Thursday, June 30

I'm So Lonely!

Why hello there, blog! Did you miss me? No? I do not miss myself much either. Well, I have not been keeping you posted on all my New Year's goals but I am happy to tell you that as of this morning I have lost 16 lbs for the month of June! I have not been on track for every month, but progress is progress and I am trying to stay committed. *GRRRRR face*

The wind is not blowing properly through the apartment, so we were forced into turning on the AC today. My face has broke out this morning something terrible. UGH. Acne is awful when you hardly ever get it, every little zit is over dramatized! I have pretty clear skin, then when my BC shot is due they practically pop up overnight! I suppose once every three to four months is nothing to grumble over.

The bunnies have grown and are long gone now. It happened so quickly. I forget how fast baby animals tend to grow. My mom was always getting me new pets when I was a kid. I have had horses, cats, dogs, fish, birds, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, snakes, ect. Some I did not like but most I enjoyed. I think my favourite was the ferrets. I ended up with four of them. Now, as an adult, I do not care for animals much. The older I have gotten the less I have been interested in pets. We recently got two hamsters here in the apartment but they died from the bedding that we chose for them. Very tragic since the pet store told me that was the choice of bedding I should use while online it stated different. I cried. Small hamsters are not that big of a thing I suppose but I was rather enthused over having a pet again.

I have cleaned the house and made lunch. Time to tuck Binkers away for a nap. I think I will get one for myself while I am at it. Have to work tonight. You can probably hear my enthusiasm as I type... Yeah. I'll post tomorrow with pictures of the granny square tote bag I am making. Bye Bye!

P.S. I have been listening to too much strange metal music lately. And my searches have led me to disturbingly find out just how much animes use them! I am not a "OMG! I AM GONNA HUMP YOUR LEG LIGHT-SAN!" fan over Deathnote, but I did enjoy the manga, the anime not so much. But I really like this video. 

Sunday, June 12

♪One Little, Two Little, Three Little Bunnies!♪

I present to you, dear readers, Winston. He was a temporary visitor in our home today.
I found this poor little thing while taking the trash out this morning. He (or she) was out in the middle of the street and I almost stepped onto him! I looked far and wide for his nest but the apartment matinence staff have mowed everything in sight and I think most of the nests are destroyed. So I brought Winston in to the house. I had contacted the Wildlife Preserve around here and they told me the Humane Society down the street kept animals for them until they could be picked up. Well, the Captain and I were leaving out to drop the poor thing off when my neighbor said he had found a big nest of babies beneath the rain gutter around the corner. I never thought of that spot, so we took Winston around. THERE WERE TEN OTHER BABIES! TEN!!?? Gives a WHOLE new perspective to "doing it like rabbits"!
Well, the Wildlife people said to plop him down there with the others, it would be his best chance of survival. I won't touch any of them anymore or disturb them but I plan on keeping a distant eye on them. Lots of cats around here. A small pic of the lot of them.

Thursday, June 9

Geez, Nintendo! FINALLY!

So after MONTHS of my 3DS sitting and gathering dust I have finally found use for it with the last update that Nintendo put out so that I could transfer my information over from my DSi. I still find the extra shineys they added not to be really all that interesting. The Captain likes the motorbike game they shared for free, and I like the 3D Pokedex, but the 3DS is designed for interaction with other 3DS systems and I do not have any friends that play. SIGH. I also have not figured a way to rearrange the icons on my home screen, if there is a way at all. I will be disappointed if there is not. I am also still getting used to the slight weight difference.

The weather as of late here has been pretty unforgiving. Only June and already hitting over 100° F. Tonight is nice though, down in the seventies and a good breeze blowing through. Got my windows wide open and enjoying the fresh air! Wooo! I purchased a great deal of items from Walmart today in anticipation of the apartment pools opening up soon. Swimming would be so much more appealing to me than running in this weather. I really, REALLY hate jogging/running. HATE. IT. But I have to keep it up, I have a goal to meet and I will be damned to not hit it this year! Besides, I have been eyeballing these pretties and do not know which to choose! 
I have a love for stripes obviously. And Alice & The Pirates. I love Lolita fashion but I do not think I will ever be a true, full blown Lolita just for the fact that I tend to like mixing things around often. But much of my inspiration comes from the lovely ladies that wear it! 

I am off to watch True Grit with The Captain. Goodnight!

Saturday, June 4


I'm not really sure why, no words in particular, but this song really makes me appreciate life around me and I cannot help but feel that burning ache in my heart and smile. You know how it is? You forget about a song/group for a while, then they just come to you out of nowhere and you JUST HAVE to listen to them? That is this kind of song. Makes my heart happy, as my older son always says. That's our thing since he was so little, "Mommy, you make my heart happy." And I always tell him he inspires the same feelings in me. And it really is just that simple, between us.