Thursday, June 30

I'm So Lonely!

Why hello there, blog! Did you miss me? No? I do not miss myself much either. Well, I have not been keeping you posted on all my New Year's goals but I am happy to tell you that as of this morning I have lost 16 lbs for the month of June! I have not been on track for every month, but progress is progress and I am trying to stay committed. *GRRRRR face*

The wind is not blowing properly through the apartment, so we were forced into turning on the AC today. My face has broke out this morning something terrible. UGH. Acne is awful when you hardly ever get it, every little zit is over dramatized! I have pretty clear skin, then when my BC shot is due they practically pop up overnight! I suppose once every three to four months is nothing to grumble over.

The bunnies have grown and are long gone now. It happened so quickly. I forget how fast baby animals tend to grow. My mom was always getting me new pets when I was a kid. I have had horses, cats, dogs, fish, birds, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, snakes, ect. Some I did not like but most I enjoyed. I think my favourite was the ferrets. I ended up with four of them. Now, as an adult, I do not care for animals much. The older I have gotten the less I have been interested in pets. We recently got two hamsters here in the apartment but they died from the bedding that we chose for them. Very tragic since the pet store told me that was the choice of bedding I should use while online it stated different. I cried. Small hamsters are not that big of a thing I suppose but I was rather enthused over having a pet again.

I have cleaned the house and made lunch. Time to tuck Binkers away for a nap. I think I will get one for myself while I am at it. Have to work tonight. You can probably hear my enthusiasm as I type... Yeah. I'll post tomorrow with pictures of the granny square tote bag I am making. Bye Bye!

P.S. I have been listening to too much strange metal music lately. And my searches have led me to disturbingly find out just how much animes use them! I am not a "OMG! I AM GONNA HUMP YOUR LEG LIGHT-SAN!" fan over Deathnote, but I did enjoy the manga, the anime not so much. But I really like this video. 

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