Thursday, July 25

Preparing for the Pilgramidge

Hey there, Mr. Blog~ photo 007_zps4ac0f77f.gif
Did you miss me? I missed you! Work has kept me very busy, and preeeeetty stressed out.

"Welcome to being an adult, Jenee!"

Har har har. No worries though, Mr. Blog. I am a clever woman and pretty smart in my career field, so even with troubles things run pretty smooth. FYI: I am one of those people who smile even when things get really awful, hectic, crazy, or I just feel like I could cry. It takes a fairly large dose of chaos to unnerve me. That is probably because I am a rather chaotic person by nature. Captain loves to plan and plot and premedidtate things and I am flying before him, sometimes dragging him along, flapping in the wind and shouting, "Weeeee~" with a rainbow dust trail settling behind us. It drives him crazy at times, I think. I find this amusing. photo 998_zps10aa3ad5.gif

This week is the prep week for my trip to Mississippi as well, so more stuff to fret over between work shifts! Huzzah~ I am very excited to see my family though, though not as excited to deal with two children, a dog, and a Captain in a Ford Focus. I even bought a new camera for the trip! Fingers crossed it won't be a sweltering pile of misery and humidity when we arrive. (Although we all know it will be sticky and hot no matter what deity I offer prayers to.) The most tedious part of packing for me is picking out items for outfits and optimizing my outfit possibilities. I like having variety. And if there is one thing I hate when we are on holiday is that point when I think, "Hmmm, I want to wear that one thing... I wonder if I packed it....Well, damn." The other thing is packing shoes. Captain will demand I pack half the amount I want to pack, and then I will hide the spare pairs in other places. Shenanigans ensue.

While I have no great feats of creativity to offer up at the moment, what with all the hub bub and planning going on here, but I have a few little things to share.

A good friend of mine commissioned me to do a mash up design between Megaman and Assassin's Creed, this is the result thus far. Not the best pose ever, but I was more focused on the outfit over the composition and that was the result.

And then, secondly, I have two Youtube videos to share. The first is none other than Captain himself, who goes by "Sinister Chile" on his videos. He is really into spicy foods, so much so that we a growing a giant pile of hot peppers in our balcony garden. And I do not mean jalapenos, Mr. Blog. Things much more evil and spicier. So, armed with a passion for burning his face off daily by eating scorpion peppers and a super cute camera girl he begins his adventures of vlogging and talking about these scary super hot peppers!

And the second comes from my buddy over in the UK who just likes to do silly videos and give everyone a good laugh in between discussing topics that peak his interest one way or another.

Off to be more productive today. My phone won't stop ringing and people cannot seem to leave me alone long enough to develop this post further. I'm still aiming for my goal of blogging once a week, even if I keep failing terribly. Toodles~  photo 231_zps345df61d.gif