Saturday, March 31

What You Doin?

I have been crafty lately, Mr. Blog! AND I have the photos to prove it! I made a Kindle cozy for my favourite gadget in the house. 
The leaf is optional at the moment, since I am unsure if I want it on there or not. I also have a soot sprite made but the poor little thing lacks google-y eyes at the moment. Must make a trip to the crafts store.

Spending the weekend away from town with the family! 

Saturday, March 24

Just a Little Note...

I am sorry if you feel so distraught, Mr. Blog, about your lack of format at this time.
I am trying to make you a shiney new layout. Bare with me and I promise you will love it. 

Monday, March 19

A Wild Pichu Appears!

The house is looking mighty fine so I am relaxing in the freshly made bed while watching some ALIEN VS PREDATOR. I know, one of the least liked in the movie series but I love adore these two creatures so much that I completely overlook any cinimatic rediculousness. <3
I found the Pichu mentioned above while digging around in some old boxes I have been hoarding in the pit that is my closet and decided he would be happy all cozied up with my cacti. He seems happy enough.

Sunday, March 18

Spring Cleaning and Relaxation

I slept in late today, surprise surprise. The Captain is really nice about that since some nights I cannot fall asleep easily. Working night shifts does that to me too often. I was up at eight yesterday morning but at two this morning I was still fidgeting around the bed. I probably wake him up with all my tossing about so he knows I will not rise easily in the morning. I never even notice when he gets up for the day or when one of my children crawls in to snooze a bit longer under my arm. This week was rather busy but the two more interesting events occurred yesterday. My younger cousin is expecting and so a shower was to be had. I was designated the cake lady and so I whipped up this cute monkey for the occation.
There were many other children for my two little ones to play with and even two puppies that my toddler was totally infatuated with. He has an obsession with dogs that I think will only be sated by getting him a puppy to call his own. I sort of dread the upcoming days of dog hair and pee EVERYWHERE. Many people I have not seen in a long time were present, so I really enjoyed catching back up with them and seeing the more new additions to the family scampering around the lawn. And, per the Mother-to-be's request, we had corned beef and cabbage for lunch. Very tasty! After all the fun times with my family I got a bit more dressed up and went out with some of the local Lolitas here in Omaha. I have been on small outings with a few friends here, plus met up with my only Lolita friend, Dawn, but I was a tad nervous since these were to be an all new group. I had a really great time though! I rambled from time to time, my nervous habit, but everyone was friendly and interesting conversationalist. Hearing random stories about conventions was pretty amusing, since I have never been to one myself, and all those in my company seemed pretty well broken into that scene. Cosplay is a kind of thing I tend to admire from afar. The creativity is always appealing since I am a crafty kind of person, and seeing people have such a great time bringing characters to life is very entertaining. Maybe I'll try my hand at something like that one day, but I have no idea who I would attempt to dress as. I sadly did not take any photos to share, I always forget to take them. It's moving it's way into noonish time so I will be off now to do housework and some laundry. Later, Mr. Blog!