Wednesday, February 16

♥Valentine's Day♥

So Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everyone, or no one. Whoever reads this, ha ha ha. I have been busy with work and daily boring things so I finally get to post tonight and relax. The Captain got me roses and a pretty card! Which I really enjoyed since I am a plant person over candies on this holiday. 
And a funny card that suits him so well~♥
So I was very pleased with my gifts! 

AND I got him a gift as well! I thought he needed something to love, hold, and cuddle while I was away from him. So I got him this awesome-ness!
All sorts of festive, right?!To think I had to "borrow" that holiday decor from another plant. Who doesn't want a cactus for a gift?! It was a truly sweet V-Day this year, how could I not have enjoyed it. ♥ 

Got Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 today, yesssssssssssss! So far it looks all sorts of amazing! I am thoroughly thrilled She Hulk is in the mix. And you have to fight a Galactus that is super huge at the end. I find it funny when The Captain gets flicked across the screen. Sadly, he does not. And among other funny things, my mom has a Facebook account! So no more whining about her on the internet, ha ha ha. Off to more yarn and Xbox fun! 

Friday, February 11

Startling Sights

I'm rather tired of the snow now. I have never been one to find it too magical and inspiring. Don't get me wrong, I have seen pretty mornings with clean, new fallen snow that glitters with the sunlight pouring over it. But I'm a rainy day kind of person. I think the smell of rain is wonderful. It's clean and refreshing. Whenever rain falls the air becomes better it seems. The sound of a quiet day with the patter of rain on the rooftop is a pleasing one to me. So, needless to say, I am very ready for Spring.

Today has been a rather busy day. When I got off work this morning I started doing errands and shopping around for items I needed here at home. A few blocks from home I was travelling to Walgreen's when I noticed a wobbly pedestrian crossing through moving traffic! The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I watched, stopped at the perpendicular red light. He was boldly, or stupidly was more my line of thought at the time, walking out and past cars as they slammed on their breaks and swerved to miss him diving out there. When he approached the median, to my surprise, he slammed face first going full speed into the "Do Not UTurn" sign in his path. That moment was when his white cane was placed into my line of sight! He kept on going as quickly as he could, the giant pole to the face not phasing him it seemed, as he continued to wander across the lanes. I understand one's desire to be as independent as possible and self sufficiency , but I could only think how insane this entire situation looked and was unfolding! He made it without another collision, and my light turned green. And as I pulled into the parking lot at Walgreen's, THERE HE WAS AGAIN! Sliding around on the ice and walking out in front of more vehicles! I stopped right there in the middle of the aisle, not sure what to do. I tried to advance to the left, and he swerved the same way. So I spun my wheel around and went right, he wobbled right while he was slapping his white stick about him. Though he could not allegedly SEE ME, it was like his stick had a magnet pulling him into cars! Completely crazy! And terrifying! And any time someone stopped to talk to him, he would shake his head as if he was declining any help. Freaked me out for the rest of the evening thinking about that man wandering around the city amidst moving traffic!

Sunday, February 6


 Can't I just be in hibernation until my jaw feels better?
I think today calls for hiding in the massive yellow chair, crocheting, and piddling around with my Nintendo DS.
I'm so ready for spring, too.

Friday, February 4

Torn Out Teeth and Hearts

I want this deer head! I think it would go perfect for my silly kitchen theme. Found it over at

My spirits are low, and my heart hurts.۵ But that is the nature of people, to hurt others, so I won't let it get me down! I was so angry for a while that I thought playing at the provoking party's game was a good idea. But I rather dislike hypocrisy and have decided to turn my cheek again, as it is not the first time I have had to. I will not be pulled into their mind games. If I was to give in I would become what they are accusing me of being. It just really hurt, someone I considered a close friend so easily tossed it all away. C'est la vie! I suppose...

Less cryptic sadness and more pleasant things to move onto! Not really pleasant at the moment, but I had that pesky tooth extracted yesterday. It hurts terribly! But now my mouth has some room to be comfortable! Now just to balance my nicotine addiction enough to keep from getting a dry socket. I have done very well so far. AND I GOT TO KEEP THE TOOTH! Gross, huh? I dunno what to do with it just yet, but I am inspired by to do a ring. My tooth has this wicked hook looking curl at the end, so maybe!

I've been really into Nintendo Mario items lately, he is so cool. A few images I have found inspiration in.
The Captain desires a rug like this one for the "Vidya Game" living room. So many squares to work on!

Pretty neat, huh? These images were collected by randomly Googling around the interwebs, so I have no idea directly who the creators are but I surely admire them! I hope to make some cool items like this!

Well, enough internet procrastination. Gonna clean house a bit and then get crafty. Later on I'll go scour the internet for a new job.</3