Wednesday, February 16

♥Valentine's Day♥

So Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everyone, or no one. Whoever reads this, ha ha ha. I have been busy with work and daily boring things so I finally get to post tonight and relax. The Captain got me roses and a pretty card! Which I really enjoyed since I am a plant person over candies on this holiday. 
And a funny card that suits him so well~♥
So I was very pleased with my gifts! 

AND I got him a gift as well! I thought he needed something to love, hold, and cuddle while I was away from him. So I got him this awesome-ness!
All sorts of festive, right?!To think I had to "borrow" that holiday decor from another plant. Who doesn't want a cactus for a gift?! It was a truly sweet V-Day this year, how could I not have enjoyed it. ♥ 

Got Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 today, yesssssssssssss! So far it looks all sorts of amazing! I am thoroughly thrilled She Hulk is in the mix. And you have to fight a Galactus that is super huge at the end. I find it funny when The Captain gets flicked across the screen. Sadly, he does not. And among other funny things, my mom has a Facebook account! So no more whining about her on the internet, ha ha ha. Off to more yarn and Xbox fun! 

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