Monday, August 20

Knotfest 2012 Council Bluffs, IA

Serj Tankian and The Flying Cunts of Chaos taking stage!
I was just as excited to see him as Slipknot.
And my phone crapped out after The Deftones left the stage since I had so many people texting and calling me! But I found a video on Youtube where The Captain and I are bouncing around during Slipknot! It was AMAZING! I know, you cannot tell where we are. But I don't think you will find us unless you are used to seeing our faces. The entire show was amazing, all the bands did a great job! There were so many booths and activities to enjoy, although I did not really do the rides or the head shops. I did buy some shirts though! I will definatly be attending any other Knotfest that pop up in the future!