Sunday, June 12

♪One Little, Two Little, Three Little Bunnies!♪

I present to you, dear readers, Winston. He was a temporary visitor in our home today.
I found this poor little thing while taking the trash out this morning. He (or she) was out in the middle of the street and I almost stepped onto him! I looked far and wide for his nest but the apartment matinence staff have mowed everything in sight and I think most of the nests are destroyed. So I brought Winston in to the house. I had contacted the Wildlife Preserve around here and they told me the Humane Society down the street kept animals for them until they could be picked up. Well, the Captain and I were leaving out to drop the poor thing off when my neighbor said he had found a big nest of babies beneath the rain gutter around the corner. I never thought of that spot, so we took Winston around. THERE WERE TEN OTHER BABIES! TEN!!?? Gives a WHOLE new perspective to "doing it like rabbits"!
Well, the Wildlife people said to plop him down there with the others, it would be his best chance of survival. I won't touch any of them anymore or disturb them but I plan on keeping a distant eye on them. Lots of cats around here. A small pic of the lot of them.

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