Thursday, June 9

Geez, Nintendo! FINALLY!

So after MONTHS of my 3DS sitting and gathering dust I have finally found use for it with the last update that Nintendo put out so that I could transfer my information over from my DSi. I still find the extra shineys they added not to be really all that interesting. The Captain likes the motorbike game they shared for free, and I like the 3D Pokedex, but the 3DS is designed for interaction with other 3DS systems and I do not have any friends that play. SIGH. I also have not figured a way to rearrange the icons on my home screen, if there is a way at all. I will be disappointed if there is not. I am also still getting used to the slight weight difference.

The weather as of late here has been pretty unforgiving. Only June and already hitting over 100° F. Tonight is nice though, down in the seventies and a good breeze blowing through. Got my windows wide open and enjoying the fresh air! Wooo! I purchased a great deal of items from Walmart today in anticipation of the apartment pools opening up soon. Swimming would be so much more appealing to me than running in this weather. I really, REALLY hate jogging/running. HATE. IT. But I have to keep it up, I have a goal to meet and I will be damned to not hit it this year! Besides, I have been eyeballing these pretties and do not know which to choose! 
I have a love for stripes obviously. And Alice & The Pirates. I love Lolita fashion but I do not think I will ever be a true, full blown Lolita just for the fact that I tend to like mixing things around often. But much of my inspiration comes from the lovely ladies that wear it! 

I am off to watch True Grit with The Captain. Goodnight!


  1. I'm so jealous, I'm stuck with my DS lite :-( but then I'm kinda afraid that a 3ds would MELT MY BRAIN... also I vote the dress on the right :-) love the stripes!

    x GS

  2. At first, I was like, "NO! I LIKE MY DSI!!!! GRRR!" *flailflailflail* But It has been growing on me this last week. One complaint I do have is the battery life. I'll be reading and it dies on me so quickly while I am trying to squeeze in as much of the story as I can before it goes out. It's like a race! Unless you have a million people around you with a 3DS then you are not missing out too much. Yes, the 3D effect is pretty neat and novel at first, I barely use it now. And I always leave my street pass on in hopes I will come home from the grocery store to find I had met someone, but it never happens. ;_;