Sunday, April 17

20 Things About Me

A few of the other blogs seem to be doing this so I figured, "Why not?" It seems rather fun, and I enjoyed reading them. I am not a super exciting person but I will try to put some interesting things into it!
  •  My favourite colour is pink. <3
  •  I prefer salty over sweet foods. I am a sucker for french fries!
  •  I only have thirteen piercings.
  •  I have three tattoos; a heart and cross on my left hip, a hatchetman on my left shoulder, and a Bangle with materia slotted into it on my right forearm. I know what you are saying right now, "Ewww." I embrace my dorkiness, it's okay. I want to get two new ones behind my ears, maybe that will be the topic of a later blog post?
  •  I really hate to paint. I am a great at drawing, and painting things like pottery and such is no trouble. But just painting a picture, aside from watercolours because I LOVE THEM, I really suck at it and I dislike doing it. Maybe more practice is needed?
  •  I prefer dresses/skirts over pants.
  •  I spend WAAAAY too much time on Facebook.
  •  Places I want to travel to include: Rome, Kyoto, and Sydney.
  •  Although I am named after my mother, she wanted to name me Raven.
  •  I don't care for roses that much, but my favourite flower is the Carnation.
  •  My favourite smells are juniper and gasoline. (Not combined though, obviously.)
  • Spring is my favourite time of the year because of the rain and wind.
  • I have, sadly, never been to Disneyworld.
  • I hate eating most breakfast foods. I get a small urge occasionally to eat an egg sandwich or have a bowl of cereal, but I usually just get grossed out by it all.
  • I love it when The Captain tickles my toes.
  • I am left handed.
  • While The Captain likes to plan out things and design schedules for when we go places, I really, honestly hate doing this. I am one of those "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" kind of people. I sort of like wandering around places and finding fun, not really into brochures and itineraries.
  • I love clothing and fashion ALOT! I shop way too much.
  • I want a pet hermit crab. I have been studying up about them online for a while now. I am still scared they will bite/pinch me. But I feel that way about all pets. I am even afraid of my hamsters! And then, after I think about them biting me I worry they can smell my fear and that will increase the odds of being bit.
  • Someday I aspire to have my own webshop where I can sell the things I create. I think this plan would be brilliant because, if I do well, I can spend more time at home with my family.

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