Friday, June 14

Done Dirt Cheap!

Mr. Blog!!! photo 231_zps345df61d.gif
I was unaware that JoAnn Fabrics was having a sale today until my friend informed me. It's the little things that excite me, Mr. Blog. And I was thrilled for sure. Not wanting to miss some great deals while simultaneously curbing my ridiculous impulse to hoard craft supplies, I made myself a modest budget of $50. This is my haul...

Pay no attention to my cluttered table top above, the fabrics and patterns are where your eyes should direct themselves...

A small bend of the rules led my total to just shy of $55, more like guidelines anyways. But here is the kicker. Guess how much I saved. Nope. More. Guess again. That's not a real number, Mr. Blog... 
$200.60 when it was all done and over with. Holy savings, Batman!!! 

Gotta do a cake in the morning, so off to bed~ XOXO


  1. I'm honestly so impressed with your thrift. The grey fabric is he best!

    1. Thanks for the tip! :D We shall see how well I figure out this coat pattern...