Saturday, January 1

And Now It Is 2011...

Well, it has been forever since I started this blog. I wanted to start using it for random entries and logging my life in some sense, but that did not turn out the way I originally intended. But I am back, knocking the dust off this poor, lonesome blog, and just in time for thoughts of the new year... 

I spend too much time on Facebook and one of my many tabs is the daily horoscope. I don't think of such general horoscopes as anything to place much faith into, but the predictions are pretty good at provoking thoughts and, sometimes, laughs.
 "You may really like the idea of New Year's resolutions, Capricorn, because they give you a generally acceptable way to commit to self-discipline. Today may be special in that regard, in that you're not likely to feel a need to make things go your way, but you may feel compelled to generate enthusiasm and lead by example. If you get others involved in making resolutions lists today, you'll really accomplish a lot. You may want to start your list with letting your behavior be the source of your authority."
First of all, there is the word that word, discipline. Seeing how this is my second post in a year and I have been dieting on and off for about two years, I think discipline is not really my stronger point.I have it, I just don't like it. I'm one of those people that have to be very invested in something before I can build a great sense of commitment to something. If I had a decent amount of discipline that I think I would be as healthy and as organized as I always have planned on being.  I never do New Year's resolutions. EVER. So, to kick off the commitment to this blog, I have decided this year to make an actual list of resolutions and try my hardest to stick to them.

First and foremost, I wish to post ONCE A WEEK at least to this silly thing, as doing so will hopefully help me stay on track with my resolutions! I don't really have a set thread that this blog will follow, but maybe I will find a nitch along the way. If not, it will just have to be a variety show!
The ever so played out one; LOOSE WEIGHT. I have a giant fear for this one. I'll admit it straight off, I am very vain. I find myself very attractive. Others do too, for that matter! I get hit on rather frequently and I enjoy it greatly. I go out of my way to look nice all the time. I love make up and styling my hair, and CLOTHES. Oh how I love shopping. But the downfall to this is that I am ridiculously overweight.Not like I need a electric scooter to get around, but enough so that I am unhappy with it. So what keeps me from loosing the weight? I am terrified of the loose, flabby skin that appears when you loose weight. Like I said, I am not LANDWHALE size but I am pitifully big. I am in that range that makes me not sure if I will or will not get those curtains of skin. I am convinced that I want this fat over my future skin wings. I know, I sound terrible. But no more excuses. I weight 234 lbs and I wanna get down to about 140. Little goals are the key I have heard, so I want to loose ten lbs by the end of January. Ten pounds a month with two spare months for wiggle room sounds fair to me.

Resolution #3 is to work on my crafting and production. I want to someday have my own little side business, and I am really creative/crafty to boot, so I am going to add a feature to the blog that displays my progress and finished products.

And the final resolution. I wish to work on my home to make it more organized and pleasant for my family. I enjoy domestic hobbies and responsibilities, but sadly my career gets in the way of this at times. My husband is not of the same mindset and usually, after working 12 hours+ a day for half the week, I feel a bit tired and unmotivated to do all the things I want to accomplish around the house. I think this lethargy also ties in with my weight so hopefully I will regain my energy as I exercise and become more healthy.

And that is my list. Not very original, but I suppose the good ones are fairly popular. Hope everyone has a lovely new year and that you have a safe night celebrating! Wish me luck!

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