Sunday, July 24

Lesbian Crowd Surfing or 10 Beers Later...

This week has been a fun filled one! Sadly, I must return to work tomorrow evening. *sniff sniff* But all is well, work hard so I can have more fun next week! 

My mom surprised me with tickets to see Melissa Etheridge this past Friday night! It was a great show! I went with mom, her best friend and her daughter. It really was a great show. She sounds just like she did when she was younger, in my opinion. I love getting to see live performances. 
Not the actual show I went to, but another good clip of her live. AND my favourite song she does. 

We has another cook out at Mom's house as well. It seems this will become a bi-weekly thing around the family. I got to see my cousins, which I was very happy about! They just moved back from Arizona. I did not get any pictures of the fun had, sorry dear blog. I love spending time with my brothers and I never seem to have enough of it! My family is truly wonderful, despite their small hangups. But who doesn't have those? So I love them beyond those errors and enjoy their presence. I could never ask for a better family! One thing I could wish for though, is for all of them to be closer together. </3

Goodnight blog! Star Trek marathon awaits!

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