Sunday, July 31

Oh, the rage! It CONSUMES ME today, dear blog! 

Let me tell you about Mr. Peeper. He does not have a job since he has some sort of disability from what I have observed. I will not make fun of him or belittle him for this fact, but it is still a fact. BUT I WILL go off about how he constantly reeks of alcohol. Constantly. Anyways, since Mr. Peeper has no job he feels he is entitled to stalk the apartment complexes other residents and being the Nag Police. He stares out his window all day long, watching and blatantly staring down every living being that is nearby. He even keeps his blinds slightly ajar so as to always see what is coming in and out of the locked front door to our building. He is like a really pathetic mall cop story.

Last week I did some spring cleaning of the apartment, which included removing all items of clothing, toys, ect. that I no longer needed here for the family. I worked hard ALL week and my result was 20 bags of items. Twelve of these bags were clothing that we no longer used, six bags were of JUST toys that I wanted gone, the last four bags were a variety of shredded mail, magazines, and other odds and ends that I cleared out. A grand total of MAYBE ONE BAG was actual trash that could decompose. This would include food I tossed from the refrigerator and diapers from my one year old. The Captain loaded up the car and took out the trash and dropped off the other items for donation. 

That evening, when I was leaving for work, Mr. Peeper was sitting at the front door on the landing of the apartment building. I smiled and said, "Hello." as I am always polite to him despite his annoying behaviours. He then goes into this rant about how he cannot understand how my family lives in such filth and that he knows that my apartment is the reason for HIS BUG INFESTATION down on the first floor. My anger flared, I will admit that, but who would not be upset about such a stupid comment. I have a few problems with this because of a few reasons. IF my apartment WAS infested with whatever the fuck is running around in his then the lady that lives between us on the second floor would also have a bug problem I believe. And if it was so terribly disgusting up here I think the maintenance man that was in and out of here would also report this to his superiors. Plus, final note, I would never let someone like friends or family into my house if it was that disgusting because I would be terribly embarrassed.  He continued to go on, saying he could not imagine the stench my apartment must have and that he was terribly shocked when he watched through his Peeping Perch as The Captain carried out twenty bags of "filth" from the apartment. HE COUNTED THE GOD DAMN BAGS! My initial reaction was to punch him in the face. I wanted to scream at him. I have had enough of his ridiculousness! But instead I calmly explained to him about the major clean out I had done this week while I was off from work. He stopped talking and I assumed the problem was solved.

OH NOES, DEAR BLOG! The apartment  manager came to The Captain today and informed him of the obnoxious fool's filed complaint about us. I have hit a new level of rage. I was in bed and sleeping when I woke to hear this take place at my front door. I got up, dressed, and stomped my fat ass right up to the office. I talked to the manager for quite a while. She was very polite and I find that I like her very much. We discussed that I understood her job and that these complaints have to be addressed whether they are true or not. Then I filled her in about the behaviours of Mr. Peeping Fuck Face. I explained how he acts, how he leaves the apartment building doors propped open so that people walking by can get into our locked building. I also explained the numerous instances where he would harass my family and friends that would come over to visit me. She was not surprised as apparently I am not the only one complaining about this wanker and his stalking. 

We had a wonderful couple in apartment three. They moved across the complex to a larger apartment recently to accommodate for the growing family.  I will miss them both! I have heard the jerk arguing with them before numerous times and yelling in the stairwell. He has openly stated to me that he dislikes them. AND NOW he is stalking them at the new building. He actually goes over to their new home to cause trouble. This guy seriously needs to get into Day of Our Lives or True Blood. He seems to HAVE to be in others business, stirring up some shit. And there have been other complaints! So, I joined the band wagon and filled out my own complaint. And I will be continuing to do so. Over and over until the end of this new level of war. I have lived here for two years now and never had a complaint so this is rather insulting to me.I am done being polite and passive about this crap. Game on, bitch.

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