Monday, August 22

Breakfast Blogging

I realize that even as I type this the time is almost at noon but I tend to sleep in so I will still say it is breakfast! My breakfast, dear blog, consist of some coffee and toast. But by now you know how much I dislike breakfast foods. I used to love eggs, probably still do, but eggs seem to hate me so very much. </3

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Check her out, HER ART IS SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
I have been catching up on my NETFLIX instant cue as of late and the newest movie for me to watch is Tangled. It is a cute Disney movie and it had some really humourous moments in it. My favourite? The entire run on joke with the frying pan. It may be because I grew up in that Tom & Jerry era but I found it pretty amusing to see so many people get slapped around with that pan. Rapunzel was one of my favourite stories as a child so I was very excited when this popped up on my screen. Was it the same rehashed corniness that Disney always puts out? Yes. Was the story easily predicted? Of course. Do I care? Not really. I do not really expect amazing twisting plots and ridiculously deep dialogue in these kinds of movies. As a kid I loved the Disney movies and I like that now, as an adult, I can still enjoy them with my kids without having to explain every complicated detail to my FOREVER QUESTIONING six year old. Other Disney movies I really love include The Emporor's New Groove, Fantasia, and Sleeping Beauty. 

Other things I have been watching on Netflix? I just recently finished all the episodes of Bleach they had to offer and I am almost completed with the Inuyasha series. Yeah, weaboo moment for sure. But Inuyasha gets me all nostalgic and I cannot deny myself. ♥ I do notice, now that I am older, the silly antics Kagome and Inuyasha constantly pull on each other seem to be rather childish and immature for what is supposed to be an epic love story kind of thing. Maybe that is just because I am so much more forward with my romance? I digress! 

I have been also watching many, MANY episodes of Paranormal State. OMGWTFBBQ! I love that show! And I love Chip Coffey! And his millions of fabulous scarves! Paranormal shows are my weakness. I, personally believe that the paranormal is totally possible and getting to watch people catch them on tape/camera pulls me right in with that insanity. You can imagine the giddy squeal I terrified The Captain with when I noticed ParaState had added new episodes. I stayed up very late to finish them all, sucking down coffee and absently pretending to crochet as I stared away at the t.v. 

Then there has been NANA. I know, I know. So many animes in this post. Well, the anime section was just recently added to Netflix so I qued up quite a few I have been wanting to watch. I like anime just as much as any other genre but they are so expensive! I cannot justify paying $25-$30 for just 4 episodes. Anyways, NANA is so much more cute than I thought it was going to be. And I just got to the part where SOMEBODY found out she is pregnant! I won't say who though since people seem to hate spoilers. I don't know which one I want to end up with who... *chews on nails*

We recently turned our cable provider off in favour of Netflix since the bill was becoming a bit outrageous. I have not missed television yet, which is a huge relief to me. I get my news from CNN online and my weather from there as well. I really like to watch cooking shows but that is covered over at So all things are well AND I am saving around $115 a month now. This is too much rambling, Dear Blog. I think I'll be off for now. 

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