Wednesday, December 5

Closer to a New Year

Hey there, Mr. Blog! Did you think I abandoned you? Very sorry, I wish I was not so flighty...Ehhh...
Work has kept me very busy, as per the usual. I got my SHINEY Employee of the Month plaque. It is sitting proudly among my dorky figurines and manga on the bookshelf. And I have been stitching up a mess of hair bows and scarves for the holiday orders around here. I am no where near internet established but have a good little thing going on around the area. Nothing too fancy but getting good practice in! On a sad note though, my sewing machine crapped out on me so that makes things a bit more tedious in the long run.

For my Christmas/Birthday gift this tie around I am waiting ever so not patiently for a fabulous skirt from Blasphemina's Closet! The Lisa skirt with the Lavender Second Star print to be specific. Behold!
It is so lovely. I cannot wait to try it on. Happy Birthday to me!Cake!
One of the local Lolita groups is having a meetup this month as well. There will be ice skating involved, so we will see if I can keep from killing myself in action.

December is a busy month for me yearly usually, with the holiday and the fact that both my sons' birthdays are in it as well. In about six hours my company that owns the apartment complex is coming to do construction in my domicile for the week. I am excited to get new things but I cannot help but think there will be a massive headache involved with this whole ordeal. Rumors are that I am going to acquire a new refrigerator  stove, counters, and kitchen sink. I hope they replace the flooring in my kitchen as well since the last place allowed their workers to ruin the flooring while repairing my broken pipes. He just let the nasty water drain wherever and didn't use a basin or anything. My linoleum is peeled back a good six inches from the edges of my floor on two sides of the room. Makes it super hard to mop, yo! Eeek!

Over the weekend I had a small bit of drama that upset me quite a bit with a friend. I am still off and on distraught/sad/angry/offended but I think things worked out as well as they ever would after being revealed the true intentions of the situation. I am sad I lost a friend but I accept that life is this way and that people ebb closer and further from each other constantly. I won't miss them, I think I regret that as well. People leave very deep impressions sometimes with the smallest of actions, but even if that action is short in physical time or shallow in thought it can leave such a chasm between two people that nothing can mend or undo what occurred.

So many things to craft! So little time! I decided that I am making a goal to blog Wednesday nights to help give you more attention, Mr. Bloggy-Poo~DokiDokie~

P.S. My Photobucket account went haywire on me and I had to redo everything, so previous linked images are screwed. I'll try to fix you up ASAP.

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