Saturday, May 14

Duke + ME = FOREVER ♥

I pre-ordered this wonderful piece of AWSOMENESS today!
Right up there with Batman, Duke Nukem was one of my childhood idols! He's like a cursing John Wayne! Spewing corny catch lines and blowing up everything in sight, what more could I want? I am so excited I feel like a kid hopped up on a whole pile of pixie sticks. ♥

Today I went to work to do my yearly competencies. There was a mannequin made of stuffed pantyhose for Foley catheter cares and a box that had a G-tube popping out of it for demonstration. I lol'ed. It was great! I really think the ladies who set everything up did a great job! I wish i had taken a picture, looking back I regret it a bit. I do not know if I would get into trouble for that though, if I shared them on the blog or something. I see many people get into trouble for doing work related rants and such online, so I try to leave alot of work related items out of the blogging rants.

The living room is sparkling with organization, I really am proud of it right now! How long will this last, though? No idea. It seems to get the most traffic and suffering of the house. The pipes in my bathroom are stopped up for some unknown reasons so I will have to be calling maintenance in the morning. I pray the kids did not stuff anything down a tube it did not belong in. We will see!

I have been seeing those Star Brooch/Clips from 6% Dokidoki all over the damn internet and have decided that I REALLY WANT ONE! Or two. Maybe just two. They are really cute! I love the Chubby Bunny Hello Kitty headbows as well. I have been wanting one of those for a while now. I remember seeing them on her LJ account a while back. I might have to start an Amazon Wish List, just for shits and giggles. ♥

I keep putting off crafting because of cleaning house, but no more! Tomorrow I begin! Goodnight!

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