Saturday, May 7


I have been torturing The Captain with lady Gaga's Judas all morning, he he he. I am not listening to it on repeat, but I keep going back to the link! Love it. 
Been a tad bit busy lately.  I went out with Sam for her BIRTHDAY at the Ravenite Cigar Bar. I have never been there before but I can easily say it's my favourite bar of all that she has dragged  me into. The theme that night was A Royal Disater, to fit with the timing of the Royal Wedding of course. I had a cute gothy hot pink and black mess planned to wear, but it is so hard sometimes to get ready with kids around. I eventually just tossed some shit on and went, exasperated with all the distractions. Plus the little ones gooey fingers seemed to keep smearing everywhere. I was done with spot cleaning! Everyone was dressed awesome though, so I enjoyed looking. I spent most of my time dancing and goofing off, only smoked on tiny little clove flavoured cigar. If I had any pics I would share, but alas I was but a blue smudge in most! I tend to be the one taking pictures in my group of friends, rarely do I get photos taken of myself. Unless it's my friend Sharra, she rocks and always seems to catch a funny pic of me every time we have a get together! SHARRA CARES! ♥ Next months theme is going to be a gothic prom I was told, I am excited about this! Gonna bring The Captain as well! I will dance, he will smoke cigars, all will be well in the world!
Wednesday I finally caught up on washing laundry. This only took $40 and Laudry World down the street! And about 3 hours. Awful, right?! And I'm STILL NOT DONE folding! *flail!flail!flail!* I was really far behind, eh. Now I have been folding off and on forever. And ironing. I hate to iron, but I hate wearing things not ironed.
I'm still doing changes in the apartment. Still too much of a bum to take photos. Sorry! Off to finish dinner and get a shower. Gotta do my four day weekend at work. FML. I always have a horrible week after those four days!
The Captain and our friend, Furrysack, in the graveyard of hats left over from their mass craziness of getting the $5,000 Bounty achievement on Red Dead Redemption. I thought it was sort of funny.

I love this. 

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