Saturday, July 9

Little Errands About Town

I was out and about today, doing some little shopping here and there. In September I am in a wedding and I have been gathering things together for my outfit. I am also the cake decorator. ♥ Items I have acquired so far:
I purchased some nice sage green and olive green fabric, ribbon, and beading to use on both. I plan on beading the dress lightly in areas and removing the bow on the shoes to replace with the layered sage and olive. I have plenty of trimmings to attempt a fascinator of sorts. I really like Mrs. Samantha's items over at Blasphemina's Closet and am drawing much inspiration from her works. I am really fond of this one in particular!
Image is copyright to Samantha obviously, but go check out her stuff! She is one of my creative inspirations all over!

Tomorrow I go out to my friend's house and try out some cake flavours. We have this chic piratey roof cheetah thing going on. No joke. It will be grand, I will post pictures as I work on things.

This evening I will be heading over to my mother's house for cooking out and fireworks that could not be used last weekend. I work most holidays since arguing with my job about being off is too much work. Off to let the  children run rampant over my mother!
Happy LATE Independence Day!

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