Sunday, July 10

Post Cookout

Well, well, well, little blog. I am back from the festivities! Two blog entries in one day? You best so! Not feeling so neglected now, are you?  We had a great time, but since I only had a camera phone many photos were blurry and crappy. Not even one good shot of the fireworks. Sigh. But the food was good and we all had a fun time!
Some food cooking when I started. Mom's grill was a bit dirty since my younger brother never seems to clean it out. Problem? Solved! Dump that shit on the ground!
My little Binkers gnawing away at his yummy chickenz. ♥ He was really having a good time, look at all the dirt he rolled up pre-dinner. A dirty child is a happy child! CheezeIt, on the other hand, would not hold still long enough for a nice clear shot all night. So her he is back at home sporting the parachutes he caught at Mom's.
So enthused for bed, right? I pretty much feel the same way so I cannot blame the little guy! Goodnight, blog! I am going to go tuck myself in as well!

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