Tuesday, August 2

Shopping and More Shopping~♥

I love shopping. Seriously. I will spend free time sometimes filling up Wishlists on some of my favourite sites! I do not buy all of it, as I would truly be broke as hell, but I find joy in internet "window shopping". I know, I sound strange. But, Dear Blog, do you know what I love more than my Wishlist hobby? GOING TO THE MALL. It's like the wishlist thing except I can TRY IT ALL ON! Even though I wish and want for all these things I still have some rational thoughts, ha ha. I carefully weigh the options of what I want vrs. how much money to spend vrs. how much I already have. Today I got a small pile of odds and ends including; panties, hair extensions, make up, perfume, and THESE SUPER CUTE EARRINGS. Lookit! $3 at Hot Topic.
Lol at my eyeball jumping into the photo. Makes me think of Scott Pilgrim and all the pixelated art I have been looking at on dA. I might get out my jewelry pliers and adjust the chair though. They touch my shoulders. I bought Bombshell from Victoria's Secret for the perfume. Mmmm, smalls so good. My coworker wears it and I fell in love with the smell! So a totally unproductive day, Mr. Blog. Goodnight! 

Oh, P.S! I started up my twitter again! I do not have anything epic going on but I like it! Check me out!

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