Thursday, August 4

Package in the Mail ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

It arrived! My awesomely cool lunch box! Totoro! I was in search of something with Howl"s Moving Castle, but there are none to find. *sniff sniff* So I went with Totoro! This actually came yesterday but I had friends over for dinner and we spent the evening having a good old time watching movies and laughing at internet things. I took a MILLION PICTURES, no joke. But I will try to spare you of a mass spammage, my lovely blog. The design features Totoro and Sho Totoro.
It's about the size of a medium makeup bag. I really like the pattern print.Closeup:
It comes with two smaller plastic compartments, a liquids thermos container and a fork in it's own cute cover.
My kitchen table is messy, sorry. The plants have to be up and hid on the table since the ants and children are both trying to destroy them! ;_; Good thing is that the ant poison I put out on the porch is working. One cactus is dead though! *flails!* I mourn it.
The thermos tin, below.
Ignore also my terrible nail polish. I went with a fruit theme today but they got smudged because of my impatience.
ANNNNND the fork, lol.

I cannot wait to use this thing! I watch a few Bento blogs and the idea of cute foods totally rocks my socks. I have been wanting to pack for own lunches for work as it helps me avoid take out and the temptations of all the carbs that fast food and convenience stores offer. :S This makes it a bit more cute to pack them, ha ha ha.

As for the overall experience. It was packed neatly and only a small dent in the corner of the outer packaging was apparent. This is not from the JList people but the wear and tear of travel. The inner package was great and clean and wrapped in bubble wrap to protect. The product is everything I expected it to be! I love it. Plus, Jlist offers a video on Youtube to show customers the product in depth so I knew exactly what I was buying. The containers really do have great sealing so I feel the pretty bag is safe from the food I'll be toting around. The shipping was timely and rather quick! (This has to do with The Captain paying for airmail though, he he. ) The price is a bit high, but I have been staring at this box for about two weeks and my want for it never dwindled. So obviously it was low enough for me to consider.
JList's Customer Service: 
I have never used J-List before but I think I will be checking more of their items out. The entire time they keep you up-to-date with what your package is doing and where it is via email. I am completely pleased with the entire transaction! Onto and forward into a world of sausage squiddies and Hello Kitty onigri! 

Oh, and as a little extra thing. I got these glasses in my package advertising J-List.
かわいいです. Lol. And thanks my to my sweet Captain for the wonderful gift. 

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