Friday, August 5

Daily Life of Mundane Things

Good evening,  Dear Blog . It has been a busy but uninteresting day. I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned, and then cleaned some more. I scrubbed the carpet in the apartment since the children seem to leave gross, sticky streaks across the place everywhere. I think I have solved this problem with vinegar and dish detergent, "WAHOO!!!" Google. Breakfast was a home make omlette and hash brown combo for the family, while lunch was curry with paratha bread. I skipped out on the breakfast since eggs hate my guts, literally. I have a terrible intolerance to them unless they are incorporated in certain manners. Just plain old scrambled or fried leaves me bending over in pain. But if I do some in fried rice or bake something with eggs into it I have no problems. The strange thing about this is the fact that I only started this in the past few years. I used to LOVE egg sandwiches on toast with a passion. Those years are apparently long gone now. *heartbreak!*

My house looks AHHHHMAAAAAHHHHZZZIIIINNGGG~! With the exception of my bedroom, heh heh heh. But nobody sees that, right? And the bathtub. The bathtub. THE BATHTUB!!! *shakes my internet fist* It has been broken for far too long. I do not know what to do about this, sigh. I have reported to maintenance and they have not come yet. I suppose another call will be in order in the morning... why doesn't spellcheck know how to spell maintenance? 

I have been playing around on Twitter as of late. I do not follow many, so I think I seem sort of spammy, but I assume if I get on someones nerves they will just block me as that is what I would do. So SPAM ON I SHALL! Want to follow me? No? DOOO ETTTT! It will make me feel special and I will get to spam you also! 

It is pretty much a new month and I have lost 14 lbs more as of the end of July! Which totally amazes me since I have been cheating here and there. I am sorry, but the China Buffet is my mouth's lover. ;_; And I have really been wanting Greek food, but the restaurant down the street has been closed for a few weeks and will not open for ANOTHER WEEK. *DIES* Seriously, are you at all surprised by this behaviour? I am a fat lady learning to live without junk, these kinds of rants are bound to occur. Frankly, I am quite impressed I have lasted this long without whining about food. And flavours are changing for the good. Pop is too sweet. Things are too salty out of a package. I have started to make more fresh stuff rather than buy prepackaging. I even baked the paratha for lunch from scratch! Go me! Even though I am supposed to be avoiding grains for my own good. SHHH! Don't tell my body that, it might start a mutiny. Then they will probably throw the cute, thin lady deep down inside of me overboard. Then I am SCREWED. So hush hush, plz. Thanks. 

As you can tell, I am drinking alot of coffee this fine evening. And I think I shall put all this energy to good use and go craft up some cute shit, yo. Or procrastinate with Harvest Moon. I love those games. NO! I will create and further my creative career dreams by doing so! 
Goodnight, my dear, sweet blog.

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