Monday, April 30

Late Night Hot Fries, Green Tea, and Blogging!

So, Mr. Blog.

I have been unwell once again, sometimes I feel I stay that way. *ICK* I went to the doctor last week for a strange noise in my ear, "vascular tinitus" or hearing my pulse in my ear similar to a ringing. It is a symptom of a middle ear infection and my guess was correct, but BOTH of my tympanic membranes were ruptured in my ears. This I was not expecting. So antibiotics in hand and cotton balls stuffed in my ears I went home and been loafing around the house since. But all has not been in vain, Mr. Blog! I have whipped out a few things while staying glued to my couch cushions, photos will have to be postponed until tomorrow when I have better lighting. Also, I have been asked by a few emails to explain my method to creating the Totoro Kindle cover I posted earlier so I will be making a tutorial my next off day from work to do so. I have never made one before so this shall be interesting!
My downtime entertainment, to The Captain's dismay, has consisted of My Little Pony and He-Man/She-Ra episodes. Both on Netflix! Yush! I burned through all the MLP they had to offer, sadly. I cannot wait for the next update!
I sort of lied, Mr. Blog. I went shopping Friday. I found three very cute skirts at Deb's, surprisingly. I was originally searching for new tights/leggings but that was a fruitless search. I have been pondering shopping online more often as I am finding it difficult to acquire desired items within the shops nearby. Some things are very cute, they even opened a new store named Maurice's, but I desire more mori/lolita-ish prices in my wardrobe.
Bedtime is way past now. I'll post tomorrow before work. Nighty night!*HEART*


  1. OMG MLP IS ON NETFLIX?!! How did I not know this?!!

    1. And now you know! Bask in the magical goodness!!!!