Tuesday, May 1

Lunch Break!

Guess what? I have discovered the "Comments" section in my administrative blog area. I played around with it for a moment, pretty nifty. I may have accidentally deleted a few comments though... *heartbreak* But I suppose that is what I get for fooling around with buttons!

I could not get my photos to upload from my phone earlier before work. It apparently hares me. I'll attempt again tomorrow before I come back to work, which is where I am at now, by the way! We were assigned new schedules today. I am pretty pleased with mine. Not as nice as my previous schedule but it is not nearly as ghastly as I thought it was going to be! Lately it has felt like work is crap no matter what days I am here.

At the moment I am eating my not so appealing salad and daydreaming of a coffee while I am being subjected to Roseanne reruns on the breakeoom t.v. I used to really like this show, but now I am just sort of tired of it. Doesn't really help that The Captain has EVERY SEASON. He is a bit of a cinimaphile. We have TONS of DVDs he has collected over the years.

Lunch time is over! Time to punch back in! Dah da da daaaaah~*SPARKLE*


  1. i'm right with you on the coffee craving...haha. instead gotta keep chugging my ice water

    1. Just keep mumbling that mantra, "Water is good for me..." I know how this goes... Lol!