Thursday, May 10


Well, Mr. Blog. Time for more excuses.*drip*
My Kindle died, and it had my most recent photos, so no sharing with you for now. But I do have a few saved on the computer, so you get those! Ha ha, fooled you a moment, eh? Above is my Poupee Girl dress up for today, I went with a starry sky edit since they are having the Horoscope Items promo at the moment. Below is my upload picture for one of the scarfs I wanted to share with you last week. I haven't posted it to PG yet, but since the other ones were lost to my renegade Kindle I do not mind sharing this one early.

Sort of Spank!/Fairy Kei inspired. I have been looking at alot of these things on Tumblr lately! I think full on Fairy Kei is a bit over the top for my personal taste but the colour schemes and the cute items are definitely appealing. The scarf has chained stitches between each strip to hold all three rows together. I really like how this pattern finished. Usually things I make up do not turn out how I planned them, but I was really pleased with these results! I also have been playing around with GIMP, in case you could not tell. Sparkles EVERWHUR~*SPARKLEZ*

As a side note, we have Minecraft now. Add me on Xbawkz and play with me!*HK smile*
Today I was digging around, about 59 block layers deep, and forgot to watch my back. A Creeper popped up and scared the bah-jezus out of me. I screeched so loud I am sure my neighbors were wondering what the heck I was doing, ha ha ha.

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