Friday, May 18

Pocket Pets & Spring Time!

I really do not like being hot, Mr. Blog~*drip*
My make up runs before I get to work. My uniform is always hot and sticky. My Casper-esque complexion always makes me burn to a crispy shade of lobster at the pool. But I do love the sunshine! And swimming! And new, green grass. So Spring/Summer is not all THAT bad, as long as I slather on the SPF9000. I think I want a new swim suit this year. Mine has been a cute one but it is more faded than I would like it to be. I hate shopping for a suit though. Being fat makes it a bit annoying to shop for a new swimsuit.

I got a present in the mail today~
It's the Tamagotchi iD L that I have been pinning over all month. I had hoped to get the 15th Anniversary version, but all of those were priced crazy amounts. Wish me luck with my new little friend!

Off to bed, tomorrow is my oldest's last day of school. He is getting so big!

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