Thursday, May 31

Pinky Paradise Review

Hi hi hi, Mr. Blog~

I purchased some cosmetic lenses from Pinky Paradise recently and waited about a month to do a review since I wanted to give myself time to adjust to contact use and daily wear in different environments. Tonight I will be discussing the Geo Princess Mimi/Bambi Series design in Apple Green colour, as I have worn these the most in the last thirty days.(Psst, I sort of like them the best~)

First of all, I have to say that I am in no way an optometrist. I know, surprising, right? I read quite a bit of information and did a large amount of research prior to my decision to PUT FOREIGN OBJECTS INTO MY EYES. So everyone remember this is exactly what you are doing if you chose to wear lenses. There is always a risk of harm in doing this but everyone can decrease the probability of these risk by using PROPER HAND WASHING TECHNIQUE and handling you contacts in the proper manner. I'm done pretending to be you mom for now, on with the pretties~

They arrived in exactly seven days, I chose FedEX Economic shipping since I was being a TAD impatient and did not want to wait THIRTY DAYS for my package this go around, and PP packaged them very well!  The bubble wrapping was secure and my items seemed to be under no distress. I got two free gifts for ordering; a velcro fringe holder and some collagen under eye gel pads. Both are pretty nifty and the pads where fun to stick to The Captain when I was finished trying them out!

An image of myself wearing said lenses in fairly neutral lighting. No flash.

I soaked them thoroughly before wearing but still had an uncomfortable time getting used to having contacts in, I attribute it to being more unused to wearing lenses over the manufacturing of the product. Once I was able to pop them in and out without sticking my eye with a finger I had no comfort issues whatsoever. They do tend to dry my eyes after about four hours, I carry a bottle of drops to help with this small problem.  I have read other stating that their eyes burned for a moment after inserting their lenses, I had this problem at first. But I soon began inserting before applying any make-up and washing my hands very thoroughly beforehand. Even if it takes me a moment to place them I set them down and wash again to avoid the oils my skin produces. There is no more stinging or burning. So, overall, my only con would be the ease in which these dry my eyes. If I am outside it tends to enhance the speed of drying as well. I do not consider this a grand inconvenience since I am wearing lenses and would expect such a side effect.

 My eyes are naturally medium to dark brown so the colour is not as vivid as I would had hoped, but I sort of expected that and went with a softer colour effect because I did not want a "cosplay" look, rather a more natural shade. I love the olive green effect it gives my eyes! The design has a very thick/heavy limbal line that makes one's eyes look slightly "unsettling" to others, almost alien or bug-like in appearance, but I find this style appealing and was very pleased with the effect! Needless to say, enlargement factor is ridiculously awesome.

My natural eye colour and size.

And a close up of the lenses in. Next to a bright window for lighting.

Overall, I am super happy with my purchase and am totally taking advantage of the sale they are having right now~ 
Night night for now~


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