Sunday, December 30

The Dreamer's Well

Mr. Blog~ Hi hi hi!
Just wanted to tell you about my dual love affair I am having with Tumblr at the moment. Do not fret though, you are still my Bottom Bitch. <3 I mostly use the site to hoard images, which saves alot of space on my poor Kindle/laptop/desktop. My main accounts are really nothing to toot my horn over, but I figured I would share a secondary one that is mostly fashion and accessories or items I would like to craft some day.

Hobo is sick tonight. We are cuddled on the couch watching The Brave Little Toaster.


  1. Hello. You have used my image without permission ( Please take it down from anywhere where you have used it, thank you.

    1. Next time, ask the owner of said artwork as it is under copyright. There are many artists out there who do not take kindly to their work being stolen and may proceed to take the matter up to authorities.