Wednesday, November 20

♥The Life and Times of a Kawaii Fat Chick♥

Mr. Blog, please brace yourself for a bit of fangirl action going
on up in this bitch tonight because I met
 photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gifRittz photo 0127_zps3bc7be9a.gif

We went to the show at The Waiting Room this week and it was every bit of wonderful that I could ever wish for. I got to see many of my friends and cool famous people as well! Everyone who performed was enjoyable and I got to let myself have a good time without any worries of work, kids, etc.

Captain and I 
My friend and I just being our goofy selves. I already gave her the heads up that I would be poaching her superior photos for my blog. *psst!* Her smartphone has flash~ Modern technology, what a wonder. photo 123_zps39313fca.gif

I lost alot of my photos since I didn't have it on night setting. My old phone fails me again. 

Jimmy Hooligan was a blast. Really cool and did a great show. I want to go back and see him again in December for sure.

 I cannot explain the embarrassing amount of panic I had getting to hug this man. I adore his voice, love his music, and admire his drive. Plus, he is so damn sexy. (I kind of think he resembles someone I am rather partial to as well...) I thought I was surely going to act like a fool. I actually try very hard to not get so excited over artist/bands like this anymore after my disappointment in Kansas a few years ago. I believe that it is better to keep myself ignorant to how much a famous person can potentially be an asshole, despite my external understanding of how stressful such a life can be and how tough managing so many fans could become. But I could not stop myself this time. Afterwards I cried because I was so happy he was so chill about it all. The terror of learning another person I idolize was possibly a total douche melted and I was left with that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from the experience. Bless his heart for putting up with my shenanigans.

I hugged White Jesus, y'all~ photo 007_zps4ac0f77f.gif


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun. You looked very very cute as well, the dress you wore is beautiful!

    1. Thank you~ <3 I really had a blast! They put on a great show and I got to see one of my favorite musicians.