Thursday, January 27

The Cops & Antibiotics!

Argh, what a week! My tooth has been hurting for a while now but I, as usual, continued to ignore the throbbing and smother my liver with Tylenol all week. Yesterday I had enough to call into work. Yes, my mouth hurt so terribly I called in. I hate calling into work, it makes me feel horrid and guilty beyond belief! But on with the story! I drove out to get some benzocaine paste for my toothache and on the way back I was pulled over. My initial reaction was something along the line of, "WHAT. THE. HELL!!??" but it got even worse when the cop told me I still had a warrant out for my arrest that was over six months old. Bah, I though I had taken care of that small ordeal back then, sadly not. I paid my ticket and the court cost, but they had not mentioned the warrant at court so I thought I was golden. The DMV even gave me my license back, with the warrant! 
So I spent the majority of my evening/night in jail. The officer who picked me up was very nice. He said he was just randomly running tags, just my luck. And I seen a chick I used to work with at the jail.
This morning I got to see a dentist. my wisdom teeth are becoming evil. So evil they must be removed! So that was scheduled for the third of next month. Blah. But to balance out this shit storm of fun, there were a few cool things that happened! I got some really cute yarns to fiddle with! SO MANY PRETTY COLOURS! So I have been doing that while watching the Captain play Dead Space 2. 
Speaking of gaming, I have thought about entering the Silent Hill Graveyard contest. I loves me some SH, with a wierdo stalker kind of passion. And I would die of happiness if my image was chosen. Still on the "MAYBE" list. BUT WOULDN'T IT BE SO COOL!!?? <3
Back to sitting around and doing crafty stuff, I should start posting pics.

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